The world’s first Smart Shirt!

Yes you read it right. Worlds first Smart shirt.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Slim fit
  • Long sleeve with cutaway collar
  • The smart shirt has an NFC chip in the cuff which can programmed to do a
    series of day to day functions and helps people in passing information through
    an NFC enabled phone, the shirt is programed using a mobile application
  • Chip Placement: Inside in the middle of left cuff, to indicate the chip placement
    there is a reflector sticker placed at the top of the cuff edge, “A” embroidery is
    also on the left cuff sleeve to indicate the same
  • Chip Size: Length is 5.5 cms and height is 5 cms
  • Made in India

Lets have a closer look at the features that this Arrow shirt:

Pair a Device of your Preference!
Pairing with your Bluetooth speakers of choice has never been
this easy! One tap on your Smart Shirt and you’re good to go.

Keep your Business Card up your Sleeve!
Share your business card during important meetings with a client,
with just a simple tap on the left cuff of your Smart Shirt!

Out on a Work Dinner and Need to Share your Linkedin Profile:
Now share your Facebook profile with friends and acquaintances with your
Smart Shirt! All they need to do is tap their phone on the cuff of your shirt
and your profile is theirs to explore.

A Mode to Relax is a Must:

Activate home mode to stay connected and relaxed without any disturbance,
with just a tap on your Smart Shirt.
Staying Connected is Just a Tap Away!
Out on a work dinner and need to share your LinkedIn profile with some
colleagues? Then all they need to do is tap their phone on the
left cuff of your Smart Shirt to have a look!

Stay Meeting Ready
Now customize your meeting mode by choosing from silent
mode, vibrate mode and auto response, to put an end to
mid-meeting interruptions with your Smart Shirt.

Got a Song on Loop?
We all love listening to that one favorite song of ours on
loop! Now keep yours close with the Smart Shirt.

Working Hard Just Got Convenient:
Activate work mode with low brightness, Wifi and Bluetooth to
save on your battery life and stay focused to get the job done
without your phone getting in the way!

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